"Coconut Project"
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The Coconut Project 

Using the Coconut Library

The "Welcome in the Coconut Island" scenario


About Glade


I/ Download

By now, a Linux and a Windows compilated and executable version are available. You take a look to it, and see if you like.
I now clean a little bit the code, it will be available as soon as possible.
The projet is available under the GPL license.
Demo Package: "Welcome in the Coconut island" (Linux version ) (4.4 Mo) 
  • Linux compilated engine: V0.2
  • Scenario V0.4
Full Package for windows (6.3 Mo)
  • Coconut Library sources
  • Coconut Library library
  • Coconut utils sources
  • Coconut utils binary
  • Coconut Editor sources
  • Coconut Editor binary (To run the editor, you need to download the glade editor package and get the GTK dlls)
  • "Welcome in the Coconut island" ressources files (main part of the 4.4 Mo)
  • "Welcome in the Coconut island" binary
  • The SDL.dll (version 1.2.2) is included.
Glade Editor
  • Glade, GTK editor
  • GTK Dlls

II/ External library needed

Coconut use the SDL library. You can find it at the following URL.

An introduction to SDL may be found at the following URL :