"Coconut Project"

The Coconut Project 

Using the Coconut Library

The "Welcome in the Coconut Island" scenario


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I/ What is the Coconut Project ?

The Coconut project aims at providing a 2D Adventure game developpement tools.
This tool is composed by: 
  • an engine able to modelize the world (scene, objects, players actions,...)
  • a world description
  • some rules dealing with the interactions betweens objets, and players
  • tools to modelize the world and generate the description
  • tools the generate the software distribution

II/ Does it work ?

The engine is now totaly functionnal, and the V0.2 is available.
A demonstration scenario named "Welcome in the coconut island" is available.

III/ Does it work on my system ?

Coconut uses the SDL library, so it's suposed to be portable on each platform SDL supports : Windows,  Linux,  MacOs, BeOs...
For performance enhancement, the Coconut engine may use under Windows (even NT4), a native Direct X graphic interface.

In fact only the Linux, and the Windows version have been compilated and tested.

IV/ Where can I find it ?

Take a look at the Download page...

V/ Some news ?

1st september 2001/
The 0.3.0 version of the coconut package has been released.
It includes sources and windows binaries for:
- the library
- the utility tool
- the graphical editor
- the Coconut scenario
- a dummy scenario