"Sébastien Josset"
~ Multi-platform C/C++ development & port tools ~


The Coconut Project 

The Pang Project


If you need to write an application running under both Linux/Unix and Windows, stay here. You'll find pointers to interesting tools and libraries.
Not every multi-platform tool is introduced here, only the one I used and know it works fine.
In fact, if a library is  here, it's because I used it, and like it.

I/ Coconut project

2D Adventure game developpement tool.

English version
Version française

II/ Pang Project

Simple silly game. Shot the bouncing balls.
This game has been developped for teaching purpose. 

English version
Version française

I/ Graphical User Interface

  • GTK+

  • A really powerfull GUI, with a lot of dedicated tools. Think about Gnome and The Gimp... 
    Need some huge external libraries 2,88 Mo DLLs.
    GTK+ Main page
    GTK+ windows port by Tor Lillqvist
    Glade, the GUI Editor
    Glade for windows
  • Fox

  • An excellent simple GUI for small applications, generating small binaries (#400 Kbytes) without the need for external dynamic libraries.

II/ Low level Graphics

  • SDL

  • The library you need to control your screen, use your joysticks, play raw sounds, use sprites... Additional libraries provide MPEG, sprites, jpg, png...
  • zlib
  • libpng
  • jpg

III/ System calls, Timers, Thread

  • SDL

  • The SDL again... 
  • pthread

IV/ Communication

    1/ Sockets

  • llinks

  • Usefull to create a high data rate TCP based client/server socket link. 

    2/ Corba

  • OrbIt

  • Orbit is really easy to understand and use. Still need a Name Server. I can't stand IOR.
  • Mico : I never succeded in compiling it: C++...

    3/ Snmp

    4/ Network interface

Under construction.....